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Apac Apparel Tells The Story of Asian American Pride and Celebration

Message from APAC Apparel:

First of all, thank you for checking out APAC Apparel. APAC is an abbreviation for the A-sia PAC-ific region of the world (similar to how people use EMEA for Europe, Middle East, and Africa, NA for North America, etc.).

Your support truly means the world to us.

Just a quick backstory about why I formed APAC Apparel that I know some of you can relate to.

First a quick intro. I’m a first generation born Asian American who grew up in NYC.

Even though there’s a huge Asian population in NYC, I was still considered a minority, so I could only imagine what it’s like in other parts of the United States.

If you’re anything like me, when I was growing up I shied away from being “too Asian”.

I remember all the Asian jokes growing up and a part of me was almost embarrassed about my culture and heritage – it sounds so weird saying this out loud, but it wasn’t “cool” to be Asian.

If you ever saw an Asian person on television or in movies, he was either a nerd, an IT guy, a martial artist, or took the butt of every single joke.

Every time I saw an Asian person on a screen, I knew there would eventually be an Asian joke or stereotype attached

A part of me really strayed away from this part of my culture and almost tried to repress it.

As a child growing up, you see cool movie stars, athletes, music artists, etc. and none of them looked like me.

As a young kid growing up with a malleable mind, this stuff was damaging for my self-esteem.

It felt like my entire culture was nothing more than a goofy character that everyone could laugh it.

But this isn’t a sob story.

All this tradition and culture is valuable and gives you a great perspective of the world.

I slowly shifted my mindset to see things in a more positive light and I saw the beauty in my culture.

I realized that I’m not that goofy character on a screen – we’re not that.

There is nothing to be ashamed of and you shouldn’t be ashamed of it.

It was awesome when Asians & Asian Americans finally had a positive representation in the media.

Crazy Rich Asians dropped a year or two before and was awesome. Parasite just won best picture.

Asians and Asian Americans had some great works of mainstream media and it was exciting stuff.

Then COVID hit: Terrible, terrible thing that killed millions of people (heart go out to everyone that was and is being affected).

In addition to the obvious negative effects on people's lives, society, and the way we live, there was another result - horrible racism towards Asians and Asian Americans alike.

Left and right I would hear stories about people being discriminated against, verbally assaulted, or even attacked.

I knew I needed to create APAC

I wanted to create a brand all about celebrating Asian and Asian American culture in light of the hate and discrimination that we’ve seen following COVID19.

I wanted a community where we can band together and celebrate our cultures.

I have one goal for this brand.

I created this brand to empower and celebrate Asian & Asian American culture.

To show that little boy or girl growing up that they’re not that stereotype they see on the screen.

To show them that you don’t have to hide your culture to try and fit in with everyone else.

To show that you can celebrate your heritage and be proud of it.

And that’s the sole reason that I founded APAC.

I’m going to accomplish this goal and I’d love for you to join along.

Yours Truly,

APAC Apparel

Est. September 2020