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I know the feeling of not being proud of my culture...

I'm sure we've all had that feeling at one point or another - I remember thinking it was so hard to be myself because people would judge me, the food I ate, the clothes I'd wear, and even the things I'd watch.

I remember what it was like to try and distance myself from my culture - I just wanted to fit in with everyone else.

I remember pushing away my culture and heritage because of discrimination and it led to:
  • Struggling to find my place and identity in the world

  • Being embarrassed and ashamed about my background and culture

  • Trying to distance myself from my culture to "fit in"

I knew that this behavior wasn't good for my mental health, my self esteem, and the way that I viewed my own culture.

As I grew up, I finally realized broke out of the terrible mindset and realized that culture isn't something to be ashamed about - it's a source of pride.

I knew how damaging that this mindset could be, so I created this brand to celebrate Asian & Asian American culture and to show people that culture isn't something that should be hidden, but it's something that should be openly shared.

This brand was created for the sole reason of showing people that they're not alone - that I can empathize with people's struggles with culture and have gone through the same thing.

Why apac was created

  • To celebrate Asian and Asian American Culture in light of the racism that we've seen following COVID-19

  • It's far too often (and sad) we see people downplay their culture out of shame - we're here to show that culture is a source of pride

  • Promote positivism and community for everyone through awesome streetwear (we got love for everyone!)

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